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Welcome to the Friends of Dudley Castle

 Dudley Castle Keep


It is a pleasure to welcome you to this website and we hope that you will find it interesting.

Our Mission Statement is to support and promote Dudley Castle in every way possible locally, nationally and internationally as a major treasure of British Heritage.

The Friends of Dudley Castle try to be very active in promoting the Castle, hence this website. There are various features of this site which will give you an insight into the present day state of the Castle buildings, and a great deal of information about its history.

"A History of the Barony and of Dudley Castle", written by John Hemingway, has been published by the Friends and is mentioned elsewhere on this site. Also included in this website is a history of Dudley Castle, written by Adrian Durkin.

Please spend some time, via the links to the left of this page, to see what the Castle looks like today, and to find out what it has been used for over the past 600 years or so. You may be particularly interested in Adrian Durkin’s History, so please follow this link, (Adrian's Short History) which will take you direct to those pages.


If this site has engendered your curiosity and you would like to become a member of the Friends, please go to the page about the Friends and you will find a link to an application form which you can print out and send in (with your cheque, of course!) and we shall be delighted to welcome you.




 Updated 25/04/2013

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   Viewers may be interested to see some details about recent activities of the Friends by clicking on the 'Recent Activity' link on the left

How the Friends of Dudley Castle began

The Friends began in 1989, at the time when a ‘dig’ was being carried out in the Courtyard of the Castle to try to establish, amongst many other things, the location of previous incarnations of the Castle. There has been an exhibition at Dudley Archives, in Coseley, which described some of the archaeological, architectural and historic aspects of the Castle, and illustrated many of our activities over the years. Now the Archives are moving to new premises, we are trying to find an alternative home for our display.

Please refer to the page about 'The Friends of Dudley Castle' for more detail.

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